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From the Desk of Stuart Stirling

Okinawa, Japan

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Still tearing your hair out trying to get rankings in Google?

I’m sure you’ve tried every trick in the book to rank your sites and videos at the top of Google…only to be disappointed in your results.

Perhaps you’ve tried article marketing, Facebook, Solo ads,the latest hyped Product launch, loopholes etc, ..and haven’t received the results and income you deserve.

Why is that?

Because most of the courses out there are theory…and not based on actual income streams.

It’s highly unlikely that these other courses show you one of their income streams and show EXACTLY, Step-by-Step what they did to achieve their results.

In fact, I would be surprised if someone showed you their actual site or video in a sales letter at all!

Well, in this report, I am doing something I said I wouldn’t do in my last few courses.

That is sacrificing one of my income streams so that you can finally put and end to struggle and be successful like my other customers.


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If you are tired of courses that promise to allow you to quit your day job…. and suspect that they leave the important details out, then you will want to download the Youtube Bully 2 Case Study, TODAY!

“People Have Been Able to Quit Their Day Job’s Using My Methods!”

I’ve had several people able to quit their day job by following my methods…and many others creating their first income online.

My goal with this course is to increase that number.

If you are able to create ONE simple video that makes over $500-$1,000

It doesn’t take a whole lot to quit your day job(if that is your desire)

Remember Mike from the testimonial above?

Mike has been a customer of mine for a while…and he would email me from time to time asking if it is REALLY possible to make 2k per month from video marketing.stack-of-money

I told him that it is very doable…and not very hard either…just follow my system and take action.

So, he finally started and was just making a few videos here and there.

He had one make $800 per month, and a new video making $400 not long after creating it.

Mike started making pretty good money after taking action…and he is a lot closer to his income goal than he was before.

Well, I just talked to him this weekend and…

…”He Made Over $3,000 This Month!”

All because he took action! He surpassed his goal of making $2,000 per laptop-300x225month, just like I said he would.

That can be you, too!

It’s not that hard, I promise. Just don’t give up the first time you hit a stumbling block, and start on another course.

That business model doesn’t work!

But, if you take action, your efforts will start to snowball and some videos might make you $200 per month..some more…some less..but all of these little income streams add up…

And many streams make a river.

So, how much am I going to charge for a course that can get you results like this?

Well, I believe in affordable internet marketing, so for limited time you can get immediate access to the Youtube Bully 2 Case Study for less than what you’ll pay for lunch today!

What Kind of Income is Possible for You with Video?



When You Download My Youtube Bully 2 Case Study, you will learn:

  • Step-by-Step the method and EXACT services I used to rank high on Google’s Page 1 for one of’s most competitive keywords with simple Youtube Videos. No Theory Here.
  • How You Can Apply This Method To Rank ANY Video on the 1st page of Google for other very competitive keywords
  • Why Youtube Videos are SOO Much Easier to rank than regular websites
  • Why video marketing is the easiest way I have found to make money
  • How to use these methods to make a killing on Amazon(Youtube+Amazon is an untapped Goldmine..but most everyone is doing it wrong)
  • And much more…. Nothing is left out!

Check Out What Other Customers Have to Say About My Products:

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I could keep on posting results from users but that is not the point. The point is to show you that I am not the only one making money following my system. Others are doing the same! What I teach WORKS, and works WELL!

Start using the techniques revealed in YouTube Bully 2 Case Study and start making the income you deserve! 

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Stuart Stirling

P.S. This is not Theory Based, this is a case study of REAL results that you can copy. I make a Full Time Income Online with video, and you can too. Download Your Copy of my blueprint and be the next success story!